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About Ideal Truck

At our store, you can find a vast array of high-quality spare parts
for various models of trucks and buses.

Our story

Welcome to, the online website of "Ideal Truck," a company specializing in the importation and distribution of high-quality truck and bus spare parts.

Established in 2000, our organization, legally known as "Ideal-Travel" LLC, began its operations in the tourism industry and importing and selling spare parts for heavy-duty vehicles. However, in 2006, we shifted our focus exclusively towards the import and sale of spare parts.

Today, we take pride in being one of the frontrunners in the market for truck and bus spare parts. We acknowledge that the quality and reliability of our spare parts are paramount to our customers, which is why we only supply products that have been thoroughly tested and meet the highest standards of quality. We work only with trustworthy manufacturers whose spare parts are known for their durability and dependability.

About Ideal Truck Store

At our store, you can find a vast array of high-quality spare parts for various models of trucks and buses. Our expert staff is always available to offer professional guidance in selecting the right spare parts and to provide comprehensive answers to all your queries. We deeply value the trust our customers place in us and always strive to provide exceptional service and competitive prices.

From the very beginning, our company has remained steadfast in its mission of providing spare parts that offer the best balance between price and quality. To ensure swift acquisition of spare parts, we also offer fast delivery services in Yerevan.

At Ideal Truck, you will find an extensive range of spare parts, superior quality, and competitive pricing. We are committed to helping keep your truck or bus running smoothly and efficiently.

Thank you for choosing Ideal Truck as your reliable partner in the long-term operation of your vehicles or fleet. We wish you a safe and smooth journey.







Opt for superior quality spare parts to guarantee a secure and comfortable journey

Why choose us

A wide variety:

In our store, you can explore an extensive collection of top-notch spare parts and accessories for trucks and buses, catering to various makes and models.

Quality spare parts:

We pride ourselves on supplying only the finest quality spare parts, meticulously tested and approved by countless drivers over the years, ensuring your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

Fast delivery:

We understand the urgency of acquiring spare parts in a timely manner, which is why we provide prompt and hassle-free delivery of truck and bus spare parts within Yerevan, guaranteeing a swift and efficient solution for all your needs.

Famous brands:

At our store, we showcase a comprehensive selection of high-quality and reliable spare parts from renowned and dependable brands, offering you unparalleled performance, durability, and reliability for your trucks and buses.


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